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Dial Thermostat The majority of people are familiar with the old style rotary dial type of room thermostat. For many years it has been the normal way of controlling the comfort levels required in your home.

As there was no alternative control available, people lived with its rather crude temperature control. What we mean by this is that if you had set the desired room temperature to say twenty degrees, the unit would turn your heating system off when this temperature was reached, as it is designed to do.

The problem arises when the room begins to cool. This type of thermostat works on either a two or three degree variance. As the two degree ones were available at extra cost, the majority of units installed as original equipment in your house will have a three degree switching variance.

What this means to the user is that as your room begins to cool, the temperature becomes uncomfortable. The next course of action most people take is to turn the thermostat up to a higher setting to heat the room again. This is generally followed by the room getting too hot, at which point the thermostat is turned down again.

This constant need to vary the setting on your room thermostat is not only annoying, it is also wasting a considerable amount of fuel, with the consequences impacting not only on your comfort levels, but also on your pocket and on the environment.

An old style rotary thermostat with a three-degree variance will normally do precisely what it is designed to do. E.G. Room temperature set at twenty degrees, twenty degrees attained, thermostat turns heating off. Room temperature drops to seventeen degrees, thermostat turns heating on. Therefore, this type of room thermostat can only maintain a variable comfort level, which will vary by three degrees. In the example above, a thermostat setting of twenty degrees will give a room temperature of between seventeen and twenty degrees.

Introducing Honeywell’s CM900 Programmable Room Thermostat

Honeywell’s CM900 Programmable Room Thermosta
The Cost Effective Solution
Replacing your old rotary dial room thermostat with a modern Honeywell CM900 Series programmable room thermostat will remove the restrictive three degree variance, supply a level of control previously unheard of, will improve your comfort levels, reduce your fuel usage, help the environment and remove the need to constantly vary your temperature setting.

"We have had one of these units on trial for the last two years, and to be quite honest, are amazed at the difference in comfort levels attained. The level of temperature control is precisely as described by the manufacturers, with the added benefit of being able to set different temperature levels for different times of the day and night. This unit is in our opinion, the most cost-effective central heating control upgrade currently available. This isn’t only our opinion, check out our “case studies” page to see what our customers think of this item."

Benefits Include:
  • Maintains room temperature at desired level without variance
  • Ability to set temperature in ½ degree increments
  • Automatically provides different temperature settings up to six times a day
  • Provides instant information regarding desired and actual temperature level
  • Automatically varies switch on time according to ambient temperature
  • Instant temperature override button
  • Holiday mode control
  • Default frost stat setting
  • Very simple to use. Fit and forget
  • Cost effective - short “pay back time”
Contact If you are interested in improving your comfort levels, having more control of your heating system, cutting down your consumption of what is now a very expensive commodity, (Gas). Helping the environment whilst also helping to reduce your fuel costs, contact us to arrange a CM900 upgrade to your heating system.

CM901 Programmable Thermostat: Supplied and fitted from only £96.00 including VAT.

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